Manpasand Grocery

E-Commerce Development & Digital Marketing Project



Manpasand Grocery is a grocery chain (Specializing in Indian products) in Austin, Texas, the USA with over 5 mega Stores and was planning to open about 50 Stores across the United States.

They needed a digital presence for their business and that is when they approached us for a solution.



Our Suggestion:

  • Make an E-commerce website; where we can:
    1. Sell their products,
    2. Gather Customer Feedback
    3. Give all the latest updates to our regular users by keeping the website updated.

After the initial launch of the website, start the Digital Marketing Campaign with:

  1. Local SEO: where we will rank keywords like “Indian Grocery”, “Supermarkets in Austin, Texas” which will, in turn, give them multifold return in future.
  2. Start Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Instagram, which will give regular updates to their customers
  3. Introduce a Paid budget for marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google.

After getting a decent database of around 1000 Organic email; start Email Marketing Campaign to these users with latest offers and any new development of Manpasand Grocery.

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