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Basics of Email Marketing


Email Marketing… it is one of the oldest Digital Marketing techniques and it still continues to have its place reserved among other evolved Digital Marketing tools.

With the ever-increasing penetration of Smart Phones in Indian markets, Email inbox has is at everyone’s palm. This has been a huge advantage for Email Marketing as no one likes to miss the important updates coming into their Email inbox.

Now as Top Email Marketing Agency in Mumbai, We make sure to send all important updates in a most creative and engaging manner as possible, this ensures your consumers will take a look at the exclusive message sent to them and they quickly respond to it.

Why should you prefer for Email Marketing for your business?

I am personally a very big fan of Emails coming in from Amazon and Flipkart saying that “You are eligible for an offer of 80% discount on clothing.” That email sounds so nice when I really need to shop. Such Emails make my shopping decision much easier and quicker.

Email marketing campaigns are very helpful in building a good customer relationship and eventually make him your brand endorser.

This is greatly achieved if regular after sales emails are sent to customers asking about feedback, offering a good after-sales service and keeping the customer updated about the latest trends in the market.

Our Email Marketing Company involves not only for ads but also for brand awareness.


Our Steps for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


Take Recipients Permission

This is an extremely important step to send an Email to the recipients inbox. It can be effectively done by offering some great benefits like regular updates, exciting offers and so on. “Pro Tip – Always use an autoresponder, after a user is subscribed.


Create Engaging Content

Engaging content is key to the success of any Email Marketing Campaign; the content should be up to the promises that have been made while getting user permission.


Email Marketing Campaign Analysis

Final Stage is Email Campaign Analysis, a thorough analysis of the campaign determines how you should set up the next campaigns and how the efficiency of the future campaigns can be increased.

As Top Email Marketing Agency in Mumbai, we give our clients complete support regarding strategic planning, data management, design and content creation  and reporting.

The effectiveness of each campaign is very closely monitored by our team of experts and accordingly, areas of improvements are suggested.

We also provide customized support for your Email Marketing campaign like the creation of a creative Emailer, building a subscriber list for your business, Content creation, etc.

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