Bulk SMS Services

Keep in touch with your customers with Best Bulk SMS service providers in India


D3Click is Bulk SMS service provider in India, offering powerful SMS functionality to operators, enterprises, aggregators, ISPs and message resellers.

In today’s fast-moving world, every one of us prefers to carry a Smart Phone. After all, it has become a necessity. So it becomes logical for every business to start using text message AKA SMS as a marketing tool.

Why use Bulk SMS?


SMS is by far the quickest and the most productive way to communicate.

SecurEnvoy carried out a survey in which 66% of people in the UK suffer from nomophobia, which is a fear of being without a mobile phone. This shows that SMS text marketing will be effective and will work if conducted properly.

D3Click is a perfect blend of Market Research and Technology and our only goal is to increase your business revenue. We have created an advanced technical system for Bulk SMS, which on the same time is also very user-friendly.

Types of Bulk SMS services

Some Important Facts...

Adults always keep their Smart Phones within arms reach 91%
Open the text message after being received 97%
Click on the url’s present in the text message 19%
Is an average response rate for any SMS Campaign 30%
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